What are limits of NTFS?

Maximum volume size

Actually, it depends on implementations. Theoretical limits are unimaginable today, but in a few decades they can easily become usual, we've seen that kind of jokes before. Currently, as implemented in Windows XP Professional, with 64 KB clusters we can create volumes as large as 256 Terabytes. If we use the default 4 KB clusters, the resulting maximum volume will be around 16 Terabytes. The limit for bootable partitions is around 2 Terabytes, but it can be extended.

Maximum file size

Theoretically it is around 16 Exabytes, but for now only 16 Terabyte files are allowed.

Maximum filename length

255 symbols. Some filenames can't be used as they are reserved for system purposes.

Maximum path length

An absolute path can contain up to 32767 characters, but a relative path is limited to 255 characters.

Maximum date

Don't forget to upgrade to another file system close to this date! Otherwise you will return into January 1, 1601 without knowing it.

The exact day is May 28, 60056.


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