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What is NTFS?

NTFS stands for NT File System, where NT refers to Microsoft Windows NT and means "New Technologies". Currently it is the best file system available for Microsoft ...

The advantages of NTFS

If we compare NTFS with its main predecessor, FAT, we will see a number of advantages. First of all, NTFS uses Unicode to save filenames. On FAT volumes, it ...

When to Use FAT or NTFS

NTFS is currently the best file system for hard disks, when we consider Microsoft Windows. Even the latest versions of Windows (like Vista or Windows Server ...

Converting FAT32 to NTFS

Windows Vista demands an NTFS-formatted partition for itself. But what if you have used FAT32 for your Windows XP machine, and now you want to upgrade to Vista ...

What are limits of NTFS?

Actually, it depends on implementations. Theoretical limits are unimaginable today, but in a few decades they can easily become usual, we've seen that kind of jokes before ...